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Jones Garden Supply is a family run business that was started in 1973 by Tom and Allene Jones.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones built the building themselves.  They had some help with the construction, but they also invested their own hands-on sweat equity to realize their vision of opening a country feed and seed store which could meet the needs of farmers, gardeners, and livestock owners in the area. 


The store carried feed, seed, fertilizer, garden supplies, and hardware. 


Tom Jones grew up farming and was knowledgeable in seed, fertilizers, tractors, cattle, and all things farm related.  Allene Jones, an avid gardener could offer expert advice regarding flower and vegetable gardening and the best nutrition for the soil. 


A Coca-Cola cooler in the corner of the store kept "soda water" drinks, as Tom called them, at a refreshing temperature and many a store visitor today has reminisced how they used to get cold drinks out of the cooler when Mr. and Mrs. Jones were running the store.  


Jones Garden Supply was run by Tom and Allene  for about fifteen years, until they retired, at which time the store was closed.


In 2003 Tom and Allene's son Robert along with his son Jason invested their own sweat equity to get the building ready, and in November 2003, Jones Garden Supply was again open for business. 


The merchandise line consists of feed, seed, fertilizer, garden supplies, and hardware just as originally, but has continued to expand in order to meet the needs of today's equestrians, farmers, gardeners, and livestock owners, as well as neighbors who might need plumbing parts or a few nuts and bolts. 


Whether you are here for a truck load of feed and hay or a handful of nails, our goal is to provide each and every visitor with prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable service. 


We invite you to come by and visit us at Jones Garden Supply...

Where you're treated like family!


The original Jones Garden Supply sign still hangs in the warehouse today!

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