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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Jones Garden Supply has a new website!  Did you know that?

Well, of course you know that.  You're here! 

(Cue the canned laughter.  On second thought, don't since there are few things more annoying than canned laughter.  Do producers really think we don't know when to laugh and when not to?  Or is it that most shows aren't funny so the only laughter they get is what they provide themselves?)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.  A new website! You're here!  And we are so very glad you are. 

We have talked about getting a website for a long time.  We knew we needed one, but the problem was that we had no idea where to start.  Hey, we're primarily a feed store, not tech support. 

Enter Little Rebel Consulting.  I contacted Amanda Magill, owner of Little Rebel, late in the day on a Monday and we discussed what we would need in order to create our online presence.  She asked questions.  I answered where I could.  I did not have much to offer her so she was basically starting from scratch for us.   

We decided on a plan and she gave me my homework.  Although my assignments were many, Amanda worked tirelessly in the background designing, gathering, creating, and incorporating the bits and pieces of information I as I sent them to her. 

And five days later, on Saturday August 10, 2019, while at the barn feeding horses and cows, I got a text message saying, "Site is live!"

Live!  How exciting!  Wait.  What?  Live?  Already?

Then came my next assignment.  I need to write a blog. 

A blog?  About what?  I have never written a blog! 

I thought about it and decided my first blog should be be the story of how we went from "ZERO TO LIVE IN FIVE"!

So first, all of us here at Jones Garden Supply would like to take the time to say,

"Thank you, Amanda Magill and Little Rebel Consulting!"

And thank you to you, our friends, old and new, for visiting us here in our own little corner of the world wide web. 



We hope you will stop by and visit us in our own little corner of the real world, too:

We are about halfway between Tallahassee and Monticello, five miles east of the Highway 90/I-10 interchange, on the south side of Highway 90 (on your right if you are headed toward Monticello). 

Easy access in and out.

We invite you to come back often, watch as we continue to grow, and come grow with us.  We are going to have fun along the way, and learn a few things, too. 

Come see us at Jones Garden Supply,

"Where You're Treated Like Family!"

Cynthia Jones

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